A Front-Mount Intercooler is a necessity for any P2 S60R/V70R owner who wants to maintain the power that vehicle was designed to output. The stock intercooler assembly becomes extremely inefficient in the warmer months. Because its core is sandwiched tightly between the A/C condenser and the radiator, two units which dissipate a lot of heat, the intercooler has a difficult time cooling the charge air passing through it. Aside from its poor cooling ability, it is at the upper limit in terms of air flow capability. When air is compressed, it is heated, which is why it needs to be cooled before entering the engine. The ECU compensates for the increase in air temperature by retarding timing in order to prevent detonation. When this happens, performance is reduced.

The solution to this is pretty simple. 1.) Move the intercooler out front of the A/C condenser so it gets fresh air across the face of the core. 2.) Use a core that can support a modest volume of air. The PhMIC supports up to 550bhp (800cfm).

A test was done on a 94 degree day in 5mph stop-n-go traffic with the A/C turned on. The intake temperature never peaked above 104 degrees. On the stock unit, this same test would have showed intake temperatures of 150 degrees and higher. By having the new FMIC out front, it no longer succumbs to heat soak.

QUESTION: How does this affect the performance of the A/C now that the FMIC is in front of it? ANSWER: This is the best part...The A/C isn't affected at all. The FMIC core is 3" thick and shorter than the stock unit, so the A/C condenser still gets plenty of airflow across its face too!

(Testing for each intercooler was performed under the same atmospheric conditions)