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Phuzzy Double Power Package
[Phuzzy Motorsports]


I bought this package a few months back and fall in love everytime I turn the ignition to start up the car. The turbo is much louder under WOT or just spooling from the downpipe. The front mount intercooler virtually eliminated heat soak issues caused by the stock twin-intercooler system; doesn't hurt either that my fuel efficiency has gone up dramatically from this combination. A few other modifications that complete the package are: Autotech Stage 2 ECM tune (Advanced Throttling, 93 Octane) + IPD HD TCV + KN filter + IPD R-Intake.

Customer service was outstanding and should be a model for other major tuning companies. I highly recommend this upgrade to improve factory flaws; no ECM tune is required to make this package work.

Two Thumbs UP!!!! Thanks Phuzzymotorsports for making me fall in love with my Volvo all over again :-)
Date Added: 05/27/2010 by Jonathan P.
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