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P2 - PhMIC (4th Gen. FMIC Upgrade)
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If not, you should.

I installed the Double Power Package on my 2001 V70 T5. With the exception of the sensor setup, everything went together exactly as it does for the R. If you have a weekend and moderate mechanical skills this upgrade is time and money well spent.

The seat of the pants feel is impressive, and the exhaust note is a little deeper/throatier but nothing offensive. You can definitely hear that it's sucking in more air when that turbo starts to spool.

On a side note, after the install I reset my economy stats. While I've only been driving it for a couple weeks with the double power package on (driving habits the same) I'm averaging 2.2 mpg more than what I was stock, and I've not yet done a retune. So who knows, if that holds any legitimacy, you could even say the mod will pay for itself.

Final words, BUY IT! At this price you will not go wrong, installation is easy and the rewards and phenomenal.
Date Added: 07/16/2009 by John Klatt (greenteagod)
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