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P2 - PhMIC (4th Gen. FMIC Upgrade)
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The PhMIC completely eliminates all the heat-soak that this car exhibits in any ambient temp higher than 85 degrees F. The stock intercooler is completely inadequate for any serious street"" car enthusiast - its so small and so under-engineered that it is laughable. If you track this car an FMIC like the PhMIC is an absolute necessity. Why? - At higher ambient temps (85+ F) the stock intercooler can not keep up so what the car does is begin to retard the HP of the car (via signals to the ECU). In other words in the Summer the car reduces HP with the stock intercooler creating lag in the turbo and reduced car performance you can feel. This PhMIC with the proper piping and couplings supplied in this package - completely reverses this very big weakness of the P2 R car. The car performes as it was designed to do 12 months out of the year. I've had zero issues with the car since installation and strongly endorse this PhMIC mod 100%."
Date Added: 07/16/2009 by Short Circuit
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